Helena Price is a Silicon Valley creative whose past clients include Facebook, Fitbit, Google, Instagram, Microsoft, Nike, Pinterest, Slack, Square, Twitter and Uber. Her creative work has been featured on ABC, CNN, The New York Times, Fast Company, Fortune, Glamour, The Guardian, Inc. and more.

In 2019 Helena Co-Founded Haus, with the goal of improving drinking culture for today's generation. Seen in The New York Times, Vogue, and GQ, Haus has been credited with changing drinking culture in America, as well as inspiring a new generation of consumer brands. Haus was sold in 2022.

Helena is passionate about giving back to her professional community, and promoting equity within her industry. She cares deeply about creating new opportunities for founders, through transparently sharing her own journey and directly helping others gain access to knowledge, connections and capital.

  01   UBER                         2012
  02   INSTAGRAM x GLAMOUR          2015
  03   TECHIES                      2016
  04   FACEBOOK                     2018
  05   HAUS                    2018-2022
  06   TECH PORTRAITS          2012-2023
  07   TECH CULTURE            2012-2023
  08   AD CAMPAIGNS            2012-2023
  09   FOUNDER THINGS               2023

  01   FAST COMPANY                 2016
  02   NPR                          2017
  03   ADWEEK                       2019
  04   GQ                           2020
  05   THE NEW YORK TIMES           2021

  01   LOUDER THAN WORDS            2015
  02   WELL MADE                    2019
  03   MODERN RETAIL                2019
  04   NON-TECHNICAL                2021
  05   THIS WEEK IN STARTUPS        2021

  01   INSTAGRAM                   
  02   TWITTER                     
  03   EMAIL                       

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